site specific installations | visuals for live events

Over 20 years of creative work, making visuals for live events in Australia and the UK.

Most recently, Lisa Mills has been privileged to work with the Castlemaine State Festival as lead visual artist for their opening night spectacular The Future of Things Past, and with Punctum Live Arts, as a mentoring artist for Briega Young, creating new visual content for live play out at Carnival Electro Live #1: Phobia, at the Old Fire Station in Bendigo.

She continues to work with Nigel McLean’s Film Harmonix project and VJs for The Bombay Royale when they are on tour.

Lisa has collaborated with Leonie Van Eyk on several Shivoo events:  together they have installed a futuristic underwater entrance tunnel, lit up the Jive Room dance floor and projected beautiful unfurling imagery onto an opera singer. More installations to come at the next Blue Moon Shivoo Ball in March.

Visuals Reel

The Human Touch

We love animated computer graphics and projection mapping – but we also love creating something different: ‘organic’ graphics made from real objects and people, all highly stylised, layered and mixed.

We work to create bespoke visuals and installations, in collaboration with event producers and designers.